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Hancock’s Triple Play


You can’t go wrong with our Hancock’s Triple Player. When you take peanuts from the top 1% of the crop and add a little somethin’ extra, you get nothing short of an extraordinary flavor.  What’s in the box? (1) Salted Cocktail Nuts (1) Honey Roasted Nuts (1) Chocolate Covered Nuts (all are 20 oz vacuum sealed & resealable cans) Are you ready to make that triple play?  *While supplies last. Chocolate is seasonal.*

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The Hancock’s Triple Play: A Flavor Adventure in Every Bite!

Craving a variety of delicious snacks? Look no further than the Hancock’s Triple Play! This convenient bundle packs all three of our popular flavors in one satisfying package, perfect for satisfying your cravings or sharing with friends and family.

Unleash your inner snack adventurer with:

  • Salted Cocktail Nuts: The timeless classic, offering a satisfying crunch and a burst of salty flavor.
  • Honey Roasted Nuts: A sweet and savory symphony that will leave you wanting more. Every bite is a delightful dance of flavors.
  • Chocolate Covered Nuts: Decadent and delightful, these are a treat for any occasion, offering a luxurious indulgence.

The Hancock’s Triple Play is perfect for:

  • Stocking your pantry: Keep a variety of delicious snacks on hand for anytime cravings.
  • Creating a unique gift basket: Surprise your loved ones with a selection of delectable treats.
  • Enjoying at home or on the go: Take your snacking experience anywhere with these convenient 20 oz cans.

Don’t miss out on this flavor explosion! Order your Hancock’s Triple Player today and experience the legendary taste of Hancock Peanuts!

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