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Easy Twist Hancock Mascot Bottle Opener


If you’re gonna crack open a foamer or an old fashioned bottled soda, this opener is *the* thing to do it with. Save your dexterity for something useful, like eating peanuts, friend.

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One size
Height, in 0.67
Diameter, in 3.00

Bottle openers are designed to make our lives easier, and that’s just what this custom opener does – but with more style. Equipped with a handy magnetic back, a unique bottle cap shape, and two different mechanisms for opening bottles, this has it all.

.: Materials: polycarbonate (shell), metal (body), magnet
.: One size: ⌀ 3″ (7.6cm)
.: Bottle cap shape
.: Two different opening mechanisms
.: Matte finish

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Easy Twist Hancock Mascot Bottle Opener