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Hancock Peanuts Scores Touchdown Partnership with Team Boneyard to Support ECU Student Athletes

GREENVILLE, NC – Hancock Peanut Company, a beloved institution known for its delicious, all-natural peanuts, is proud to announce a partnership with Team Boneyard, an innovative initiative supporting East Carolina University (ECU) student athletes.

This collaboration brings together two positive powerhouses to fuel a common goal: empowering ECU’s talented athletes while offering fans a unique way to show their Pirate pride.

Team Boneyard: Championing Student Athletes in the NIL Era

The landscape of college athletics has undergone a significant shift with the introduction of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) opportunities. Team Boneyard, launched by passionate ECU alumni, donors, fans, and former athletes, aims to navigate this new era by providing a safe and compliant platform for fans to directly support their favorite ECU student athletes.

Team Boneyard empowers fans to connect with athletes and compensate them for the use of their NIL, fostering a deeper connection between the ECU community and its talented sports stars.

A Winning Partnership: Hancock Peanuts and Team Boneyard

Hancock Peanuts, a family-owned company with a rich history, recognizes the dedication and hard work student athletes invest in their sport. This partnership aligns perfectly with Hancock’s commitment to supporting local communities and fostering a sense of pride. Owner, Scott H. Duke holds and undergraduate and graduate degree from East Carolina University, making this partnership personal.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Team Boneyard and play a role in empowering ECU’s phenomenal student athletes,” says Scott H. Duke, owner of Hancock Peanut Company. “We’re excited to fuel both the athletic endeavors and bright futures of these talented young individuals.”

A Limited-Edition Treat for a Great Cause

As part of this exciting partnership, Hancock Peanuts has created a limited-edition run of 252 cans of their classic Virginia-style salted peanuts. Each can proudly displays the Team Boneyard logo, making it a collector’s item for ECU fans and a delicious way to show support for the student athletes.

Here’s how ECU fans can get involved:

  • Purchase a limited-edition can of Hancock Peanuts: Look for the special Team Boneyard edition cans at Team Boneyard.org and of course directly through their site which can be found here.
  • Support Team Boneyard directly: Visit the Team Boneyard website at TeamBoneyard.org to learn more about NIL opportunities and ways to directly compensate ECU student athletes.
  • Spread the word: Share the news about the Hancock Peanut Company and Team Boneyard partnership on social media using #TeamBoneyard #HancockPeanuts #ECUstrong.

Hancock Peanut Company

A Delicious Way to Make a Difference

By enjoying a can of these limited-edition peanuts, ECU fans not only indulge in a timeless treat but also actively contribute to the success of their favorite student athletes. This partnership allows fans to directly show their appreciation for the hard work, dedication, and athletic excellence exhibited by ECU’s rising stars.

Together, Hancock Peanuts and Team Boneyard are committed to supporting ECU student athletes and fostering a thriving athletic community at East Carolina University. So grab a can, cheer on the Pirates, and be a part of something special!

About Hancock Peanut Company

Hancock Peanut Company has been around since 1944. Founder Robert L. Hancock actually carved the very first “Mr. Peanut”.  For generations, their commitment to quality and freshness has ensured their peanuts remain a favorite snack for families across the land. Hancock Peanuts uses only the finest ingredients and time-tested recipes to deliver delicious, all-natural peanuts.

About Team Boneyard

Team Boneyard is an initiative created by passionate ECU alumni, donors, fans, and former athletes. Their mission is to facilitate safe and compliant NIL opportunities for ECU student athletes while fostering a deeper connection between fans and the university’s talented sports figures. Team Boneyard offers fans a platform to directly support ECU athletes for the use of their NIL.

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