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March 2024

Hoppy Easter from Hancock Peanuts!

happy easter hancock peanuts

Spring has sprung, and Easter baskets are overflowing with joy (and hopefully, some delicious Hancock Peanuts)!

Peanuts and Easter have become a classic combination, and here at Hancock Peanuts, we wanted to take a moment to celebrate the fun and traditions that come with the holiday.

Peanuts: A Symbol of Renewal and Growth

Peanuts, with their humble beginnings underground, pushing through soil to sprout and reach for the sun, represent the very essence of Easter – renewal and growth. Just like the Easter egg symbolizes new life, the peanut embodies potential and hidden treasures waiting to be discovered.

Peanuts: A Timeless Easter Treat

For generations, peanuts have been a staple in Easter baskets. They’re a healthier alternative to candy, offering a satisfying crunch and a delicious source of protein. Whether enjoyed on their own, chock full of chocolate, or cleverly disguised as colorful Easter eggs, peanuts add a delightful touch to the Easter festivities.

Hopping into Easter Fun

Here at Hancock Peanuts, we love seeing how you incorporate our peanuts into your Easter celebrations. Do you have any favorite traditions or recipes? Share them in the comments below!

Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Classic Peanut Butter Eggs: A timeless treat made with creamy peanut butter and a touch of chocolate.
  • Chocolate-Dipped Peanuts: A simple yet satisfying option that dresses up ordinary peanuts for the occasion.
  • Peanut Butter Cookie Bars: A delightful Easter dessert that incorporates the taste of peanuts in a delicious baked good.
  • Trail Mix with a Twist: Add some festive flair to your trail mix with colorful candies, chocolate eggs, and of course, Hancock Peanuts!

We wish you a joyous Easter filled with fun, family, and of course, plenty of delicious peanuts!

Happy Easter from all of us at Hancock Peanuts!

Happy Easter

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Life at Hancock Peanut Company in the 1960’s

“In the 60’s I started out working at Hancock Peanut Company, summers and weekends, in the store across the road from the “mill” as we called it, as I was too young to get a work permit to work in the mill. I worked with George D. “Daddy Buck” Hedgepeth pumping gas, serving hot dogs and barbecue, cleaning bathrooms, and picking up litter. Daddy Buck and I became good buddies. I remember when sales tax was added to purchases. The workers would buy a single item, such as a drink, and pay for it to avoid paying sales tax. They would then select a second item and pay for it.

The next year when I was 15 I graduated to the mill. I was the only “white boy” laborer and was given the nickname “None” by the other workers with whom I became friends. I was called that because they said “You ain’t never had none, don’t want none, ain’t gonna ever get none”. We spent the summer loading box cars and trailers with bags of peanuts. I was expected to pull my load which kept me in shape for football season. A hand truck with 4 to 5 bags of shelled peanuts often lifted me off my feet as I pushed them up a ramp and into a trailer. Box cars were a real challenge as two of us had to stack bags to the top of the car.

When times were slow we hid in cold storage and played a card game they called “Tonk”. One day we were playing on a high stack of peanut bags when I slipped and disappeared in a crevice between the stacks. Me friends quickly rescued me.

Uncle Garth would often give me special projects. One day he asked be to take a dump truck and a worker and drive to his cottage in Tuscarora, NC. to spread mulch and clean up the yard. What an adventure as I could drive a straight shift but had never driven a vehicle as large as a dump truck. Every Friday I had to spray two warehouses with insecticide. I left soaked in the mixture. I also got to bag both shelled and unshell peanuts into smaller bags for locals and tourists to purchase. The occasional tourist would ask where they could see a peanut tree. Every now and then a truck loaded with watermelons would visit the scales to be weighted. If we were lucky we might get a free melon or two.

Uncle Garth and Harvey Pope liked to play golf and would give me the afternoon “off” to caddy. While I got paid less to caddy, I was grateful that Uncle Garth allowed me to work at the mill.

I enjoyed my time at the mill. They were great times that made great memories.” – Sammy Johnson | 3.26.2024

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Alumnus launches peanut passion project

“A flash of Pirate-inspired flare adorns every can of Hancock Peanut Company. peanuts. The purple stripes on the logo of the golden legumes highlight the talents and family history of East Carolina University alumnus Scott Hancock Duke ’06 ’08.

Duke launched Hancock Peanut Co. in July and began a new retail chapter in his family’s peanut business history. Peanuts were not in his career plans when Duke was completing degrees in media production and health communications in the College of Fine Arts and Communication. Still, the family business and history were always on his mind.

Duke lives in Greenville and runs a digital marketing business where he manages his clients’ website design and social media marketing needs. The work fuels his new passion project.

Most people would be unaware that nearly everyone has a passing knowledge of Hancock Peanut Company. Duke’s great-grandfather, Robert Hancock Jr., created the original peanut man model – that became known as Mr. Peanut.

Duke said his great-grandfather was asked by the owner of Planter’s to carve the model from a sketch. Large wrought iron statues of Mr. Peanut topped the pillars around the factory in Suffolk, Virginia.

Hancock also contributed to the industry with his hand-built peanut sheller and started Hancock Peanut Company in Courtland, Virginia. They were buyers, sellers and shellers of high-grade Virginia peanuts. His shellers are in museums in Virginia.

Hancock Peanut Company

“He didn’t seek patents. He was an industrialist trying to figure out how to make something work and more interested in the next steps than thinking about down the road,” Duke said. “Today’s peanut shellers are a modernized version of the original.”

In the 1960s, Duke’s grandfather ran the company. He sold the company to his partners in the early 80s and retired.

Duke has long wondered what would have happened if the company had stayed in the family. His mother and her siblings may have had the opportunity to run the business if times had been different.Duke began researching the company name and history and found the name available. He trademarked the company name and kick-started the company’s new retail brand.

He said they were ecstatic when he approached the processors in Virginia to let them know he was starting a retail peanut business under the family banner. The processors work in the middle of the industry. They package the retail products that Duke sells.

Antique peanut jars and company memorabilia accent Duke’s home office. They inspired his designs for the company’s new logo. He’s building the business from the ground up. He processes orders, sells swag and writes a peanut news blog surrounded by the inspiration of the Hancock brand.

Duke says the jumbo peanuts selected for sale are from the top 1% of the crop. They are grown in Virginia and the Carolinas.

His current business is all about the No. 1 seller, the salted cocktail peanuts. He’s worked with local vendors to create peanut-themed shirts, ballcaps and a Hancock Peanut Co. tumbler. Chocolate covered peanuts launched in early winter and quickly became a top seller. A honey roasted version is now available.

Hancock Peanut Company

“People like peanuts. They are really fantastic,” Duke said. “Anyone who tries them comes back to order more.”

Duke loves his product and eats peanuts every day. He’s hopeful others will love them as much as he does. He regularly offers discounts to encourage customers to give them a try. Shoppers who enter the code PIRATECU will receive a discounted rate when they purchase peanuts.

More marketing efforts are on the way. ECU public relations student Kelsey Keene is working as a social media intern for Hancock Peanuts. Keene will focus on expanding the brand’s digital exposure.

Duke plans to grow his footprint in Greenville and throughout Pirate Nation gradually. The next steps include finding an investor or partner and a distribution effort to get Hancock peanuts on shelves in North Carolina retailers. Duke has gained ECU trademark licensing, and limited edition ‘Proud Pirate Peanuts’ are in the works with the ECU Alumni Association and expected to launch in mid-April.

To learn more about the company and peanut history, visit Hancock Peanut Co.


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Don’t Toss Those Tins!

Hancock Peanut Company

Don’t Toss Those Tins! Repurpose Your Empty Hancock Peanut Containers for Endless Uses!

You’ve enjoyed the deliciousness of Hancock Peanuts, but don’t toss those sturdy tins just yet! These handy containers can be transformed into clever storage solutions for all sorts of things around your home. Here are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Organization Essentials:

  • Tidy Pen and Pencil Holder: The perfect size for pens, pencils, markers, and highlighters, keeping your desk clutter-free.
  • Art & Craft Caddy: Store your paints, brushes, markers, or craft supplies in a designated tin, keeping your creative space organized.
  • Brush Bonanza: Keep your makeup brushes or paint brushes neatly organized and dust-free in a repurposed tin.

Functional Solutions:

  • Nuts & Bolts Haven: Never lose track of those pesky nuts and bolts again! A Hancock Peanut tin is the ideal size for keeping them organized in your toolbox or craft room.
  • First-Aid Kit on the Go: Create a compact first-aid kit by lining a tin with fabric and filling it with essential supplies like bandages and antiseptic wipes.
  • Sewing Kit Savior: Keep your needles, thread, buttons, and other sewing notions neatly contained in a decorative tin.

Green Thumb Magic:

  • Countertop Herb Garden: Punch a few drainage holes in the bottom and plant your favorite herbs for a charming and functional countertop display.

The Possibilities are Endless!

These are just a few ideas to spark your imagination. With a little creativity, you can find endless uses for your empty Hancock Peanut tins. They’re perfect for:

  • Storing jewelry or small keepsakes
  • Organizing office supplies like paper clips and rubber bands
  • Holding sewing notions or buttons
  • Creating a travel sewing kit
  • Keeping loose change or small electronic accessories organized
  • Storing pet treats (wash thoroughly first!)

Hancock Peanut Company

So next time you finish a bag of Hancock Peanuts, think twice before tossing the tin. With a little ingenuity, you can give it a new lease on life and add a touch of upcycled charm to your home!

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Hancock Peanuts: Unleash Your Inner Cravings & Buy Online!

Hancock Peanut Company

Craving that satisfying crunch and timeless taste? Look no further than Hancock Peanuts, the official peanut of delicious victory (and maybe a little friendly competition)!

We’re thrilled to announce that you can now purchase your favorite Hancock Peanut varieties online! Choose from our classic lineup:

Here’s why you should buy Hancock Peanuts online:

  • Convenience at Your Doorstep: No need to search the aisles – get your favorite peanuts delivered straight to your home.
  • Freshness Guaranteed: We ship orders 6 days a week in most cases to ensure you receive the freshest, most delicious peanuts.
  • Variety for Every Craving: Whether you’re a salty snacker, a honey-roasted enthusiast, or a chocoholic, we have the perfect option for you.
  • The Perfect Gift: Hancock Peanuts are a crowd-pleasing gift for any occasion. Send a taste of deliciousness to friends and family!

Don’t just snack, snack like a legend. Choose Hancock Peanuts!

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Hancock Peanuts and Irish Recipes: St. Patrick’s Day!

Hancock Peanut Company

While peanuts aren’t traditionally a common ingredient in Irish cuisine, there are a couple of creative ways to incorporate them into Irish-inspired dishes:

1. Irish Pub Nachos with a Peanut Twist:

This recipe puts a fun spin on the classic pub nachos, incorporating Irish ingredients and a touch of peanut for added protein and texture.

  • Ingredients:

    • Thick-cut potato wedges (baked or fried)
    • Shredded cheddar cheese (Irish cheese like Gubbeen or Cashel Blue can be used for a more authentic touch)
    • Chopped cooked bacon
    • Diced red onion
    • Chopped green bell pepper
    • Chopped fresh parsley
    • Drizzle of Irish whiskey (optional)
    • Sour cream (optional)
    • Salted Cocktail Nuts (roughly chopped)
  • Instructions:

    1. Preheat oven to 400°F (200°C) if baking potato wedges. Bake or fry potato wedges until golden brown and crispy.
    2. Arrange potato wedges on a large platter.
    3. Top with shredded cheese, cooked bacon, red onion, and green pepper.
    4. Broil for a few minutes until cheese is melted and bubbly.
    5. Garnish with chopped fresh parsley and a drizzle of Irish whiskey (optional).
    6. Serve with sour cream and a sprinkle of chopped salted peanuts for an added textural and salty contrast.

2. Irish Peanut Butter and Apple Crisp:

This recipe takes inspiration from the classic Irish dessert – apple crumble – but adds a unique twist with peanut butter.

  • Ingredients:

    • Sliced apples (Irish dessert apples like Bramley’s Seedling work well)
    • Lemon juice
    • Brown sugar
    • Rolled oats
    • All-purpose flour
    • Unsalted butter (cold and cubed)
    • Creamy peanut butter
    • Ground cinnamon
    • Pinch of salt
  • Instructions:

    1. Preheat oven to 375°F (190°C). Lightly grease a baking dish.
    2. Toss sliced apples with lemon juice to prevent browning.
    3. In a separate bowl, combine brown sugar, rolled oats, flour, and cinnamon. Cut in cold butter with a pastry cutter or your fingers until the mixture resembles coarse crumbs.
    4. Spread half of the crumb mixture on the bottom of the prepared baking dish.
    5. In a small bowl, combine peanut butter with a touch of water to create a spreadable consistency. Drizzle the peanut butter mixture over the apples.
    6. Top with the remaining crumb mixture.
    7. Bake for 30-35 minutes, or until the topping is golden brown and the apples are tender.
    8. Serve warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or whipped cream (optional).

These are just two ideas to get you started. With a little creativity, you can find other ways to incorporate peanuts into Irish-inspired dishes!

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What Is The Most Popular Peanut Recipe?

Hancock Peanut Company

Determining the absolute “most popular” recipe using peanuts is challenging due to variations in cultural preferences and regional specialties. However, here are some strong contenders for top contenders when it comes to peanut-based dishes:

Globally Recognized Dishes:

  • Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich: This classic American staple enjoys immense popularity worldwide. The combination of creamy peanut butter, sweet jelly, and soft bread is a simple yet satisfying meal or snack.

  • Pad Thai: This iconic Thai stir-fry dish often incorporates crushed peanuts as a topping, adding a delightful textural contrast and nutty flavor.

  • Satay: Found in Southeast Asia, particularly Thailand and Indonesia, satay features skewered meats (chicken, beef, etc.) grilled or barbecued and served with a peanut sauce. The rich, savory peanut sauce is a signature element of this dish.

Regionally Popular Dishes:

  • Peanut Soup: This hearty soup, popular in West Africa, features peanuts as a key ingredient, often blended with vegetables, spices, and sometimes meat. Variations exist across the region.

  • Gajak: A popular sweet treat in Indonesia, Gajak is made with peanuts, palm sugar, and sometimes other ingredients like vanilla or coconut.

  • Peanut Brittle: This crunchy candy, especially popular in the United States, is made with peanuts cooked in sugar syrup until it hardens and becomes brittle.

Other Factors to Consider:

  • Peanut Butter: As a versatile ingredient, peanut butter itself is used in numerous recipes beyond the classic sandwich. It finds its way into cookies, cakes, sauces, dips, and even smoothies.
  • Cultural Variations: Peanut usage can vary significantly based on cultural traditions. Dishes like Kung Pao Chicken (China) and Maafe (West Africa) showcase unique applications of peanuts within specific regions.

While a single recipe might not definitively claim the title of “most popular” due to global variations, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Pad Thai, and Satay are strong contenders based on their widespread recognition and consumption. Peanut butter itself, as a versatile ingredient, further extends the reach of peanuts in numerous culinary applications.

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10 Reasons Why Hancock Peanuts and Golf (Especially The Masters) Are the Perfect Pair

Hancock Peanut Company

The Masters Tournament is a tradition unlike any other – a celebration of athleticism, precision, and the timeless allure of the game. But what elevates the viewing experience from good to great? The perfect snack, of course! And for a truly winning combination, look no further than Hancock Peanuts. Here’s why:

  1. Classic Comfort, Classic Game: Just like golf, Hancock Peanuts represent a timeless tradition. Their simple, satisfying taste perfectly complements the elegance and history of The Masters.

  2. Portable Perfection: Whether you’re glued to the TV or enjoying a friendly backyard putting competition, Hancock Peanuts’ convenient resealable packaging makes them easy to take anywhere.

  3. Fuel for Focus: Peanuts are a natural source of protein and healthy fats, offering a sustained energy boost to keep you focused on every birdie and near miss.

  4. Salty Satisfaction: The satisfying saltiness of Hancock Peanuts cuts through the richness of tournament fare like pimento cheese sandwiches and barbeque, keeping your taste buds happy. Which, you can really step up your game and feed a small crowd of your favorites by picking up Taste of The Masters.

  5. Sharing or Solitary Snacking: Whether you’re celebrating with friends or enjoying a solo Masters marathon, Hancock Peanuts cater to both sharing and solo snacking. Grab a small bag for yourself or a larger one for the whole group.

  6. The Perfect Finger Food: No need to worry about messy sauces or crumbs interrupting the action. Hancock Peanuts are the ideal finger food, allowing you to keep one eye on the game and the other on your snack.

  7. Lucky Charm (Maybe): Superstition runs deep in golf. With their reputation as a timeless American snack, maybe a can or two of Hancock Peanuts will become your lucky charm, bringing those clutch putts your way.

  8. Affordable Indulgence: Unlike those fancy clubhouse snacks, Hancock Peanuts offer a delicious and affordable way to elevate your Masters experience. If you’re going to be outside, you might want to grab our Richardson 111 or 112 cap to keep the sun out of your eyes.

  9. A Taste of Tradition: Hancock Peanuts have been a staple at sporting events for generations. Enjoying them during The Masters connects you to a rich history of shared tradition and love for the game. You can also sip easy all day in our 20 oz RTIC tumbler.

  10. Snack Like a Champion: After all, champions deserve a champion’s snack. Fuel your cheering and celebrate every victory (and commiserate every missed putt) with the satisfying crunch and classic taste of Hancock Peanuts. Our Honey Roasted & Salted Cocktail Nut Combo is always the bees knees.

So, this Masters Tournament, grab a few cans of Hancock Peanuts and experience the perfect pairing of classic comfort food and timeless sport.

Watch The Masters here.

Use Code: NutMasters for 10% off most items. We say ‘most’ because some kits are already reduced. 🙂

Masters Tip Sheet Hancock Peanut Company

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Hancock Peanuts: The Perfect Game Day Companion

Hancock Peanut Company

The roar of the crowd, the electrifying energy, the nail-biting tension – there’s nothing quite like the thrill of a sporting event. But what elevates a good game to a truly unforgettable experience? The company you share it with and the delicious snacks you enjoy along the way! And when it comes to game day snacking, there’s one timeless classic that always hits the spot: Hancock Peanuts.

A Tradition Steeped in Flavor:

Their crunchy texture, satisfying taste, and convenient portability make them the ideal companion for cheering on your favorite team. Whether you’re glued to the TV at home or bundled up in the stadium bleachers, a can of Hancock Peanuts offers a burst of flavor and a shared experience that brings people together.

Beyond the Basics: Creating a Winning Game Day Spread:

While a classic can of Hancock Peanuts is undeniably satisfying, there are endless ways to elevate your game day snacking experience and impress your guests. Here are some creative ideas:

1. The Flavor Explosion:

  • Variety is the spice of life (and game day!): Stock up on a variety of Hancock Peanut flavors. From the classic Salted Cocktail Nuts to the delicious Honey Roasted, there’s a flavor to suit every taste bud.
  • Sweet and Salty Symphony: Create a sweet and salty mix by combining Hancock Peanuts with your favorite pretzels, popcorn, or even some dried fruit like cranberries or raisins.
  • Spice Up Your Life: If you like a little kick, consider adding some spicy snacks to the mix. Jalapeño-infused pretzels, or even a spicy dip can complement the nutty flavors.

2. Get Creative with Presentation:

  • Keep the can: Serve your Hancock Peanuts in their original container, or create a DIY stadium snack bar by using small containers labeled with team logos.
  • Themed Platters: Take it a step further with themed platters. For a baseball game, use a baseball-shaped serving dish or create a “home run mix” with peanuts, popcorn, and baseball-shaped candies.
  • DIY Snack Stations: Set up different snack stations around the room to encourage guests to graze and mingle.

3. Don’t Forget the Drinks:

  • Classic Pairings: Pair your Hancock Peanuts with classic game day beverages like bourbon, beer, soda, or sweet iced-tea.
  • Mocktails for Everyone: For non-drinkers or those who prefer lighter options, create refreshing mocktails with fruit juices, sparkling water, and a touch of sweetness.

Turning Your Living Room into a Stadium:

  • Pump Up the Volume: Create a game day playlist with your favorite team’s anthems, classic sports songs, and upbeat tunes to keep the energy high.
  • Friendly Wagers: If you’re watching with a group of friends, add some friendly competition with small wagers on the game’s outcome.

The Final Score: Memories Made with Hancock Peanuts

By incorporating these ideas and adding your own personal touch, you can create a game day experience that goes beyond just watching the game. With a can of Hancock Peanuts in hand, laughter, friendly competition, and shared memories will be the true winners of the day. So, gather your friends and family, grab your favorite Hancock Peanuts, and get ready to cheer on your team. Let’s Get Nuts!

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Top 10 Unusual Ways Peanuts are Used

Hancock Peanut Company

  1. Industrial Applications: Peanut shells, a byproduct of the food industry, are surprisingly versatile. They can be ground into an abrasive material used for polishing furniture and blasting surfaces. Additionally, peanut shells can be used as a biofuel or as a filler material in various construction and manufacturing processes.
  2. Cosmetics: Peanut oil, with its unique properties, finds its way into various cosmetic products like lotions, creams, and soaps. This oil acts as a moisturizer and is known for its gentle and non-comedogenic (doesn’t clog pores) nature.

  3. Medicine: Although not a mainstream application, peanut oil is sometimes used as a base for certain medications due to its hypoallergenic properties and stability. Additionally, research explores the potential of peanut components in treating various conditions, although further study is required.

  4. Explosives: While not a common practice today, peanut hulls, due to their high cellulose content, were once used as a filler material in explosives during World War II when more traditional materials were scarce.

  5. Fire Starter: Dried and crushed peanut shells, with their high oil content, can be used as an eco-friendly fire starter for fireplaces or campfires.

  6. Textiles: Research has explored the use of peanut shells as a natural fiber in the production of textiles. These fibers, being lightweight and biodegradable, offer potential for sustainable clothing options.

  7. Ink: The oil extracted from peanut shells can be processed to create bio-based ink, offering an eco-friendly alternative to petroleum-derived inks.

  8. Water Filtration: Peanut shells can be used as a natural filtration medium in water treatment processes. Their porous nature allows them to capture impurities while remaining non-toxic and biodegradable.

  9. Animal Feed: Peanut hulls, after processing to remove oil and toxins, can be used as a nutritious and cost-effective supplement in animal feed, particularly for ruminant animals like cows and sheep.

  10. Art and Crafts: Due to their unique texture and shape, peanut shells can be employed by creative individuals for various artistic purposes, ranging from mosaic creations to decorative art pieces.

Thanks for coming to our Nut Tip Talk. 😉

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